Monday, 9 March 2009

Your purpose, my journey, more classes and assignments to work on... and time with You...

June 24, 2003

I am ready to go wherever You want me to go, do whatever You want me to do… be whoever You purposed for me to be!

And I do see that all the journey so far has been leading to this point… even the detours I’ve chosen to make… I see that You have used them to fulfill Your purposes… and oh! I do praise and glorify Your name!

I still have 3 classes to go (play, power, procedure), and my Life Purpose statement and Mission statement to work on… my 2 minute testimony… and maybe more courses to take… and surely daily prayer, study, listening to You.

But I’m so excited to be on the highway after all the twisty dirt mountainous roads, at least that’s how it feels… (Yes, I’m sure there’ll be some more twists and mountains and even dirt… but oh dear God, according to Your purpose right from the start… help me keep my eyes on You all the time. Thank You!)

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