Friday, 13 March 2009

Relationship with Father vs negativity and criticism about what I perceive as "wrong" in the church

January 22, 2008

God has really been changing my heart…. I think I still am a “rebel for Christ” in some senses – not willing to go with the status quo just because it’s tradition for example… and I really do have a passion for Truth.. but for a long time, I’m afraid that very often I was very negative in my motivations and presentation. ___ talked to me gently about that once. He said that God would be able to really use me when I came to understand that it’s not about what we’re doing wrong, it’s not about being critical (and I sure was) … but about just walking with Jesus, really coming into relationship with Father, and really coming to know His love, and just loving others and encouraging them to walk in the Truth (Jesus is the Truth!). And you know, I didn’t understand that at the time, but still I really wanted to “please God” (wrong motivation…) and so I was at least open to it (cause I sure couldn’t have changed that in myself!) and Papa graciously moved on in and started changing me from the inside out! Whoohooo! Oh, I just love Him!

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