Thursday, 12 March 2009

Thank You for an awesome year with You!

December 31, 2007

Last day of 2007! It’s been an awesome year – with You, Lord! Father, Jesus, Sarayu!

Well, I just read the last 4 chapters of John – and, oh my, how much more real it all seems to me now after reading The Shack …. You seem so much more real (at least “real” in a “human” sense… You’ve been quite real to me in my heart, more and more as time has passed and I’ve come to know You more!) but when I read the scripture today, I felt like I could really see, hear, touch, small, taste, all that was going on… I actually laughed out loud as Peter grabbed his tunic, jammed his arms into the sleeves and took a flying leap into the water, creating a huge splash! And then plowed and splashed toward You on the shore, his arms flailing to keep his balance… and yes, there You were, smiling, chuckling even, and Your heart overflowing with love (and for those who see with Your eyes, Your colors and his colors flowing out in great beautiful swirls toward each other and wrapping around each other in big bear hugs well before Peter actually reached shore!) And back on the boat, the other disciples shaking off the water droplets from Peter’s big splash, kind of rolling their eyes and laughing at him and laughing along with You and with him, too, then grabbing the net and healing it along as the leaned into the oars and rowed with all their strength toward shore!

Hey, wouldn’t it be fun to re-write the “same old stories” with action, with Your verbs!!! Wow! Lord??? Woohoo!!!

Happy New Year 2008 AD In the year of our Lord! Our incarnate Lord Emmanuel – God with us! God with me! Jesus! Yeshua… brother… “big brother” with a totally positive spin – I want You looking over my shoulder always!

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