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More of Your church here and there....

February 25, 2009

Mom’s first birthday in heaven (so to speak)… I’m missing her, I’m afraid…

So yesterday after hubby got home from work, we had breakfast, and then went to the Upper Room coffee time. I enjoy it more and more. People are becoming more and more open talking about the Lord - some real relationships are developing.
There were about 3 or 4 conversations going on, when hubby started talking to someone about the time he saw that evil spirit in our house back in the day - and how You told him to deal with it - and how when he told it to “be gone in the name of Jesus” there was a great light that filled every nook and cranny in the basement - and it just instantly disappeared. Hubby had gotten maybe 1 1/2 sentences of the story out of his mouth, and suddenly the place became totally quiet, everyone listening.

Anyway, after we left, hubby wondered aloud to me why he had told that story - why You led him to do so. Well, as I told him, I’m not sure of the “why” for those other people (though it sure caught their attention and there was some discussion afterwards about the reality of spirits - and about God’s mighty power compared to the enemy’s weakness (which was the context in which hubby had mentioned the incident in the first place).

But for me at least, if was confirmation that the fear/ panic attacks I’ve been experiencing lately, “out of the blue” with no apparent reason like stress or whatever, both day and night, are spiritual attacks… and I also realized they only happen at home… So we got gas, then went for a drive around the lake… and we prayed together, hubby especially praying, for total protection of our home and family from these attacks. (And no, I didn’t have any more attacks since! Thank You, Lord).

In the evening we went to our friends’ home for potluck. It was a lot of fun. ___ made up a handout that summarizes his view of the church (which is really New Testament scriptural) and invites others to consider it, seeks out those who share this - dare I say - vision… So I asked him, more or less, “So what’s the plan?” and he replied, “Oh! No plan!” He’s just totally waiting to see where You lead…

Oh yes, at the coffee time, the guy who is kind of in charge was telling us all about his dream to possibly find a building that could be a center for reaching out to street people… where meals could be prepared, clothing and other needed items made available, informal gatherings of the church (body of Christ and interested non-believers) could take place… but he said if it happens it has to be “without conditions” because he wants You, Father, to be totally in control! At the moment he does these kind of things outdoors in local parks and such, and from his van. At the same time, he’s seen a number of new “churches” start up in this city, wanting to really be New Testament based, and it seems like in every case so far they’ve pretty quickly become just like every other church in town….

Hubby was telling ___ that he’s looking forward to working here in the summer… I was a little surprised by that. At the same time, he’s all ready to send out applications to Vancouver Island, so we will see what YOU have in mind, eh! (I’m pretty sure he, too, is open to that - wanting that!).

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