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Just enjoying talking to You

September 3, 2008

(Well, I wonder… how much of our “worship” here and now – mine even – is of the “do your own thing” variety? How much is it tainted by the ways of our society, our traditions (both cultural and religious), our own personal desires? If we truly have a pure heart, won’t we live differently, love, obey, follow, KNOW Him more perfectly? And isn’t His Word the major self-revelation He has provided – with His Spirit to guide us and teach us from it (along, of course, with His creation, His works, etc)

The “word of God,” the Bible, seems to me to be like my own journey with You… in the beginning were the stories and rules and regulations that were part of my culture, my roots, my heritage… and later, I started to go through some crises of sorts, events that made me begin to see You as a real person, as a – the – true God. So I got busy learning from the “prophets” You sent along… the study of Your word of course, and the “interpretations” in books and sermons, and the continuing life experiences, Your works and wonders… and then I began to, almost without realizing it (though I had really come to a point of longing for You, desiring You, needing You..), starting to KNOW You personally, (which of course meant accepting Jesus as Your real live Son who IS who He claims to be… and then that lead to deepening relationship and desire to “be like Jesus”…

The Bible is like that, too… it almost seems to start back in the mists (seemingly myths, to one who does not know You) of time, and slowly, slowly, You reveal more and more of Yourself until one day we turn and truly see You and desire to truly know You, and You take our hand and walk with us (though You’ve been there all the time just waiting patiently for us to notice, to respond..)

I suppose in a way I am at an advantage to AJ Jacobs, for I have had access and active roots in Your word right from the start… and yet sometimes our preconceived “image”- well, how easily it can become an idol blinding us from the real You, even satisfying us to some degree so that we feel we have already “found” You and don’t need to go any further… our “knowing about” becomes a stumbling block to “knowing” … and yet, ultimately, the knowing about is not enough, not satisfying… You keep drawing us to YOU.

One other thing, and then I’ll stop for now. I do see that as believers, we need each other. We need each other to remind us of Your truth, of You, and so not to get caught up in our own little god-thing!

You want relationship not just between You and us individually, but body relationship. I really liked how the author kept going back to the fact that the family is the smallest unit in Jewish life, not the individual. That is so right. That is why, every time I sit and study, and then write, or even just think about it (or go through life experiences related to You – all of them are, of course, I really see that now, more and more -) I long for discussion, response, and yes, life-sharing. I am no longer so worried about structures/ programs/ whatever… I just want to see family, living together in relationship that has You at the center and consumes every aspect of life at all times…

Very difficult for us to accept in our (very accepted) humanistic, individualistic, unenlightened (!) society!!

I love You, Lord!

I want to worship and honor You… fully – whatever that means, whatever that takes… (and perhaps, with Your creativity, it will look different, on the surface, for different ones of Your children, but always, in the end, there will be unity, Oneness, in You, because You are the root, the foundation, the life… and You cannot change… “how firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord, is laid for your faith in His excellent word..” Relationship with You is key… but I do not believe it can ever be separated from Your word… because Your word reached its fulfillment in Your Word… and it is through Him that we really, finally, ultimately KNOW YOU … You graciously allow us so much already on the journey… but it’s a journey that will continue forever (yes, You are that big!) … (and You do use many paths to “draw all men unto You”… even Paul recognized that… but in the end, it is JESUS in whom You have revealed Yourself… and His blood that saves us… and His Spirit who lives in us and keeps on revealing Him.. and You, Father God).

Sometimes I wish for new words… the old ones I sometimes feel are trapping me in “traditions” that cloud my vision… and yet, when I read from Your word itself I don’t sense that; it is in our discussions, our interpretations, our “theology” that our heavy-laden-religious-talk/words become a burden and a fog sometimes…)

Yes, I am going to stop… It’s good to talk to You (though I think I’m doing too much talking and not enough – if any – listening)… but I’d like to hear from, be part of, Your family, too. More than just for a couple hours on Sunday and the odd other meeting or event…

But instead, walking, living, worshiping You, every day, together… growing in relationship with You – and each other – together (You at the center, of course!) moment by moment.

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