Friday, 13 March 2009

You are moving us on to something new and different...

February 22 2009

A lady at church gave a presentation about spending the past year with the Mercy Ship, at Liberia. I liked that she was so honest and open about the whole experience.

Some people at church are very excited, as a man came in off the street, and painted the sanctuary of the building (”our home” as one person described it), and people are all of a sudden volunteering for various positions, though some positions like childrens church workers stay empty…. I don’t know, … While it is nice to see other people so happy, I am disappointed, I think, to see what looks like just getting back into “traditional church” in so many ways, when the recent “troubles” potentially opened the door for honest and open discussion about church and what Christ really means it to be… It seems to me that most people are content (and even happy) to stay within many of the long-standing parameters of this particular church group… Well, that reminds me of the “So You Don’t Want to Go to Church?” book, too… I guess that’s okay, though; You work in so many different, creative ways, Father.

But I really do feel You are moving our family out to something new and different.
I have a growing longing to be with native people again… and the land and ocean too….
Your will be done!

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