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Want to come and teach us from a book in the Bible? ... my response is... but I want Your's!

June 22, 2008

___ just emailed me: “Hey, would you be interested in coming over and teaching us a book of the Bible? What about Acts? What about the early church? We could do it on our deck… the kids could play.”

Well, Lord – I like the idea! MY response would be… “I would love to come over and explore a book of the Bible together – with the Holy Spirit teaching us what God Himself has to say to us, reveal to us about and through His Word – through scripture and through the Word, Jesus! I’d love to explore Acts, and see what Jesus would teach us about His church, His body… and in the new knowing and understanding of Him (from Him, through His Spirit!)… learn to love Him move, be able to serve and honor and obey Him more and better… and by extension love and serve (minister!) and more effectively become part of His church, His body, here in the whole world, and also here, locally, where He places me/ us at this moment, and in all the moments to come…

And maybe along the journey and adventure of exploring together His Word, under Father’s teaching, through Jesus, through the Holy Spirit (John 17:1-20ish) I might end up doing some teaching myself, if He so uses me that way, since I can’t seem to escape the fact that He seems to have “gifted” me with the “ability to teach” – to be a “teacher” … whether I like that designation or not … I’m afraid it has come to hold some kind of negative connotations for me – from experiences of the world’s concept of “teaching” … but to be a “teacher” in some degree as Jesus was The Teacher/ Rabbi… now that’s an adventure – and privilege! – that gives me joy (even if a bit nervous… but I don’t have to “fill his shoes” … just walk in His footprints, eh! He’ll still ultimately be The Teacher… so nothing to be afraid of, eh!

And yes! To have the kids playing alongside! Yes! Maybe before we do “big people digging,” we get out the sand-box sized digging tools and do some digging with them – by reading that part of the story (Acts is the STORY of the church… a great, amazing, adventurous, exciting story!) from a colorful “Bible story book” or by “telling” it in story form (I just read in my 2001 journal that I would love to be a “story teller” … because I do love telling dramatic adventuresome stories!) or watching a video if we find one with that story, or acting it out together with the kids having important parts (kids love that! and they love wearing towels wrapped around to be “in character” dressed in first century robes… they never forget the story after that!), or “drawing” the story together as we speak it, or using puppets (nothing like paper bag puppets made on the spot!...) – whatever! And then they are released to play alongside (and “overhear” the big folks!) and even join in the conversation when they wish (or “interrupt” for things important to little members of the family of God, the church! (And yes, pray and sing together too… I know lots of “Acts” Sunday School songs!)

(Oh dear… it’s sounding like “church” … here I am, making plans, but okay, maybe I am getting carried away – have to remember that Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit – God! – is in charge…

But I think the “together” part is right… and honoring the needs of all (including the needs of the kids) within the family gathering – as Father leads! – (not just set aside in some little room somewhere, at least not habitually… Lord??) – and most of all, under God, as He leads and teaches, and we worship, honor, glorify, serve, trust, believe, obey, love Him… and abide in His love and guidance and all… and love and serve each other… and maybe even get the chance to reach out to others!!! Father? Your will be done!!

Well, that’s MY response! But I haven’t emailed it yet, because… I want YOUR WILL to be done! Please make it clear, to all of us! Thank You! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

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