Thursday, 12 March 2009

gatherings of the church....

January 11, 2008

And thank You for the friends who came over last night. It is good to gather with Your people, and although I’m not totally sure exactly what Your Word means about “the church… gathering” I just thank You for each manifestation, like last night’s visit, of Your church, Your body. I’m not sure where “church” ends and “organization” starts… but I do know that whenever 2 or 3 (or thousands!) are truly gathered in Your name, there You are in the midst! And of course, You are also always right there involved in love in the life of every one of Your children, including me – yahoo!!!! - if only we will accept and trust and love (and therefore obey! because we love and are loved, not just for a “get out of hell free card.” ) Lord, I really have enjoyed reading those 3 books lately, but I really want to hear from Your Spirit and Your Word, what is the Truth… Yes. Jesus! You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life! Oh please help me keep my eyes focused on You!

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