Saturday, 14 March 2009

You are really working out Your church plans related to my life!

March 12, 2009

So after breakfast I went to the upper room coffee time... It was such fun! ___ was there... and I found out she has degrees in law and psychology, and at one time was married to a pastor.... Wow! The secrets people have! Anyway, she is so sweet and humble... and I think wanting to really know You, eh? (I'd love to have her over for soup) .... So all of us around the table had great conversation... and suddenly, I felt really accepted there, for the first time... so yes, relationships are happening!.... and I am so happy!

Pastor Peter made some comment about "car-lot Christians"... and I whipped out my journal (which You led me to take along with me for the first time!) and I read him that "Kingdom and the carlot" parable... and we were both laughing out loud at how You orchestrated that... and brought confirmation to both of us about what You've been saying...

And then I (rather nervously) gave him my "business card" on the back of which I wrote my blog and "church journey" email addies (though I know he isn't much into internet) and he gave me his "church in the park" card... and I told him he could call me if there is some way I can help out...

And I came home just full of energy and joy (yesterday I was feeling so tired... didn't even journal or blog!) and I've sat down and started working on my "church journey" thing again... and just a few minutes ago I was working on November 2007... and there was record of You talking to me about reaching out with a "cold cup of water" ... and it even mentions Pastor Peter (whom I'd only "heard of" at that time. and I really had no idea who he was or what exactly he did, other than something to do with street people)... and there I was talking about (or You were talking about, I rather suspect) me maybe helping him some day and inviting street people into my home and all... so when I read that, I was just blown away!

oh! Guess what - a year ago I told You I'd love a year off to just study Your Word and get to know You more... never imagining we'd still be here this long, with me "unemployed" and having all this "available time" since the beginning of last summer!

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