Tuesday, 10 March 2009

You are changing my thinking, molding my mind to Yours

January 27, 2005

Since I’m not doing the Breath of Life Newsletter anymore, I was asked to write an article each month for the cell group newsletter. So I asked You for help, Lord, then followed the editor's theme, and came up with an article. When she read it, she said she wept and cried. Lord, if it is from You (which I sure hope it is: oh God, I don’t want to waste time with writing that’s not of You!), then it is for whoever You want it for, and that is good. _______ also said he thinks it was from You, and he wants to send it out to people he knows.

Lord, I need to ask You about this. Now this last article was kind of an “assignment” with the two themes of “love” (for Valentines Day) and “cell church.” I did ask You for help. But I spent quite a lot of time writing down notes as I researched scripture. Then I spent time writing and then editing. I was in a hurry to meet a short deadline, and I know it really needs more fine tuning. Anyway, it wasn’t like I just sat down, poised my pen, and said, “Speak, Lord, and I’ll write!” But I do know You were guiding me. It seems like everything that is happening lately is a message from You, and that You are really, really changing my thinking and molding my mind into Your mind (though my mind keeps trying to jump back in…)

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