Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Thank You for those hard times... and Your love and faithfulness

November 24, 2004

Such a good sermon, Lord, this morning. I realized how far You’ve brought me. At one time, every time something “bad” happened, I’d “freak out”. Then I got to the point where I’d remember to pray – frantically! Then I started to say, “Praise the Lord, anyway.” Now I do pray, but not frantically, because I know God is in control and is working out all things for His good, for His purposes. And I think I’m really beginning to understand that the gift of Jesus is the ultimate good, and it’s available for everyone who will accept it.

I don’t know if I can say I’ve reached the point of “joy unspeakable”… but I know I am so often “surprised by joy” that I’ve started looking forward to it, actually looking with some anticipation to walking through each new adventure God sends my way (and sometimes being a bit concerned if things seem to be getting too comfortable!, not because I want trouble, but because I wonder if I’m slacking off and the devil wants to keep me there. Still, I should be joyful for the joy because of happy circumstances too!).

It seems to me that my husband telling me I have to stop my church work was actually from You, and that You have reinforced it with my sickness and tiredness. I don’t know what You are planning, but I do think it has helped in my relationship with my husband, as I have simply been unable to “do it all,” and have had to let him “be in charge.” He is just treating me so gently and being so strong for me, and there for me, and taking a real leadership role in our relationship, like deciding how much I should take on and stuff.

"Conquered by You"

Lord, I feel that You are bringing me into a place of being conquered by You, of my whole being brought under the omnipotent feet of Jesus, where “let the circumstances be what they may, it seeks only for God and His will, and it feels assured that God is making everything in the universe, good or bad, past or present, work together for its good.”

Thank You, Father.

"Faithful, Merciful God"

“Faithful One, so unchanging. Ageless One, You’re my Rock of peace. Lord of all, I depend on You. I call out to You, again and again; I call out to You, again and again. You are my Rock in times of trouble. You lift me up when I fall down. All through the storm Your love is the answer. My hope is in You alone.” That song got me through so many hard times, when all things seemed so dark and hopeless and impossible.

Oh, dear God, thank You for those hard times, thank You for being You, for loving me. Thank You for Your faithfulness.

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