Monday, 9 March 2009

Word from Father: Turn from the world's dreams; dream only My dreams

Dec 29 2001

Dear Heavenly Father: What part of my life today needs Your life-giving breath? What do You want me to know or do from this Word of Yours? In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Norma, my child…
Focus your eyes on me.
Turn completely from all worldly messages and ideas and philosophies. Turn. Turn. Turn. And Repent!
Close your heart to worldly dreams and desires, and dream only of Me. Wish My wishes. Dream my dreams. Breathe in My breath. Breathe deeply, deeply. Fill your lungs with the fresh, clear, clean, oxygenated air of My Spirit. Spread your arms to me. Dance, twirl, shout with joy! So that the fresh oxygen of My Spirit may flow through Your whole mind and body, invigorating and overflowing you, till even your fingertips tingle with the new life I want to give you. Let me wash out of your system the old polluted air, the dross, the poisons that satan and this world have poured into you, and let Me fill you instead with My holiness, purity and perfection!
Look only to Me, child. Close those worldly magazines. Turn off the TV. Turn your back on the internet and newspapers and other garbage of the world. Open my Word. Hear My voice only. Join your heart to Mine. Soak yourself in My living water, fill yourself with My pure and living breath. I am all You need. Embrace me. Breathe in My breath. Embrace my life. I love you!

… I’m sorry, Lord. Change me. Transform me. Turn me to only You.

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