Monday, 9 March 2009

Stepping out

December 24, 2001

My husband and I went to the evening service. They asked everyone to share a testimony, song, poem, whatever. After the Sunday morning sermon I knew I could put off God’s call on my life no longer. So when a chance came, I got up and read Romans 1:16-17 and gave a short testimony of what God has done in my life and my family this year as I have accepted His gift and learned to trust in Him and give all my life and needs to Him. Then I played the piano, and asked the congregation to sing along with me, “There is a Redeemer.”

God did use me! I don’t know if anyone came to Jesus, but many people hugged me afterward, and when the pastor got up to speak, he thanked everyone for taking part, but he said my words (God’s Words! Hallelujah!) touched him especially! Praise God!

Oh Lord, now that I’ve started… please keep me going! Make me bold! And may all my words be Words from You!

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