Monday, 9 March 2009

Church differences re the Holy Spirit - just a difference in semantics - or??? I want Your truth!

December 31, 2001

I got concerned about the lack of emphasis on the Holy Spirit at Abundant Life – which seems to have everything else “needful.” And Your Spirit is there and is working – obviously – but should there be more? I’ve been to lots of Pentecostal-type churches with lots of Holy Spirit emphasis, that don’t seem to be reaching the world for You the way Abundant Life (a Baptist church) does. I love the emphasis on knowing You and growing in you – and following the lead of Your Spirit, although they don’t usually express it the same way. Is it just a difference in semantics? Lord? Or do I need to seek, ask for Your Spirit in a more definite, defined way? Oh Lord, please open my mind to Your truth – all of it.

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