Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Word from Father: God's timing vs mine

"Jill of all trades, master of none," that's me. But this I believe: God uses all our experiences, all our learning. Nothing is wasted in His purpose for us: He can even turn negatives into positives for His glory and honour. Also, I am too close to myself. God, and even others, can see patterns and potentialities I do not see. Oh! And God can always do something completely new and surprising and amazing!

So what's next Lord? I'm looking up!


A word from the Lord (I believe):

I need to pray things through more carefully. Is "this" really what God wants? Or is it just humans in a hurry? Are we in God's timing or in our own? Yes, God does want us to step out, but to step out in His economy, in His will, in His timing. We must take care not to run ahead of God, for then we are outside His pool of light and can only fall into the potholes and snares of the enemy [and of our own human short-sightedness] as we walk through the dark valleys and the midnight wrestlings.

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