Thursday, 12 March 2009

Word from Father: Fear not, I am with you...

December 11, 2006

What about ______? Oh dear God, ____ mentioned he has been sick three years. Wasn't it 3 years that there was a drought in Israel, and then God raised up the prophet to call the people back from Baal to the true God, and then the rained poured down? (I just thought of that right now when I started to write. Isn't that from You! I believe it is! Thank You!).

I do believe You are going to open the heavens and pour out Your Spirit, as Your people bow before You and repent and turn from their "false gods" back to You, and truly proclaim that "the Lord He is God!" and join together to destroy the power of the enemy in our midst! To "kill the false prophets." To "tear down the the false altars." To truly turn back to You!

Lord, one thing that I thought of after we prayed was ____'s yearning to be (a) pastor of our church. Lord - could it be that he is the man You are calling? And that the enemy has been trying all this time to side-track and destroy him, because the enemy knows ____ has been anointed by You in a special way for ministry?

Lord, You heard tonight (though of course you already knew) of ___'s dream of the mission field. Dear Lord, thank You that at the very beginning of this long trial, You gave ____ the message (in French, which he didn't even know, but his wife did; he had to quote it to her and ask what it meant) "Je m'appelle Je Suis; Je suis avec toi!" That is incredible! Thank You for giving them that exceptional message to hold onto through this long wilderness struggle!

Father God, I believe You are going to use them both - and their children - in a mighty way. I believe this desire of theirs is Your desire which You have placed in their hearts. Lord, by the blood of Jesus, please, please (and thank You, because I do believe You have heard our prayers this evening!) break the power and oppression of the enemy over this family... and free them to serve and worship You with all their beings - heart, soul, strength, mind.

(Lord this all makes me long, too, to do "something big" for You, to go where maybe I can use my French even! - Lord, I do believe You have been preparing me for this prayer ministry for ____ by bringing us together related to their babysitter needs and my French learning needs! Thank You, Lord! I have always cared about them - right back to the days of 180/Oasis, when we still lived in in our former community and things were so hard in some ways, yet ___'s ministry was such a blessing and encouragement to me - and to my kids too! You have had us walk a path where our steps have crossed many times - You do have a great plan and purpose!

Thank You that this night of praying has also given me great confidence that You are also answering my prayers for my children! Praise Your Holy Name!

(Lord, I felt tonight that satan has been "blocking" my kids, too, in various ways. Oh dear God, break the enemy's strongholds.)


Norma, My child,

Fear not for I am with you and will not let the enemy destroy the work I have begun in you and in your family.

As you continue to trust in Me, I will bring my purposes to pass.

You are mine and I am working out all that I have in My mind for You. My Spirit is upon you. I am using you and will continue to do so.

Sleep now, in peace, My little lamb.

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