Thursday, 12 March 2009

If You want me to fast, help me! ... Thank You for being with us at our study group...

December 12, 2006

Oh dear God, help me, please!
Help our church!
Help Pastor ___!
Help _____ and our prayer team!
Do Your work, Lord! Thank You, Jesus!
About fasting... Last night Pastor ___ said we should seek You about fasting. Lord, I am willing to fast, I believe in fasting, I want to fast, I've tried fasting off and on in the past while. You know what happens. I feel so sick after missing 2 meals, sick, tired, weak.... My body is not well to start with, and without food I have no energy to do my daily tasks. And I am to keep my fasting quiet, but if I don't tell my husband, he urges me to eat. And it's so hard to fast when I have to be preparing food for others, and feeding them. And I just can't carry on my daily activities (teaching, etc) without energy. I can't even stick to my schedule as it is... but maybe if I did fast You would strengthen me, eh? Please, Lord, make Your will clear to me on this issue! And if You want me to fast, open the doors and prepare my body too, I pray! In Jesus' name, Amen. Thank You!

December 13, 2006

Thank You for our study group again. The study was good. And especially, thank You for answering my prayer, and really being present and leading us during the prayer time! I really felt led by Your Spirit in prayer, really sensed Your Presence in our midst - just as I do right now! Oh thank You, Lord! (Maybe I was just not receptive before, or maybe I just didn't ask! As Pastor ___ was teaching, "Ask... keep on asking... and it shall be given.... keep on seeking and you shall find.... keep on knocking and the door shall be opened." Continuous present! Continuous action!

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