Monday, 9 March 2009

Word from Father: Cast your self-sufficiency on Me accept My call

Jan 21 2002

Dear Lord, thank You for the prayer service yesterday and for this week of prayer emphasis at the Pentecostal Church. Oh God, help me, too – help us all – to truly fast and pray and humble ourselves, as Daniel did. And may we keep at it until we see Your mighty works resulting!!! Give us a clear vision, a personal encounter, an ongoing growing dynamic powerful relationship with You!!!

January 22, 2002

Dear Heavenly Father,

What do You want me to know or do from this Your Word, today? And who do You want me to pray for?

Norma, my dear child,

Come to Me, rest in Me, stay tight to Me. Know Me, My child. Lay your head upon my chest. Listen carefully for My Voice. Let My Spirit move upon You always. Do not fear or shirk away from the service I give you to do. Do not shrink from My Presence. Yes, fear Me as the Lord Almighty, God of hosts, mighty Warrior, Creator of Heaven and Earth – but at the same time trust Me for I am indeed Your loving Heavenly Father, indeed the Love of your life eternally. Know, My child, that truly all your needs will be met in Me.

Bow before Me, cast all your self-sufficiency and pride and all Your independence completely away from yourself, and totally embrace, freely and lovingly, dependence upon Me. For then I will give you true freedom – freedom from satan and all evil and from your self and the clutches of this world – and draw you into the great freedom of the great eternal Dance, which is always centered in me and in the love I have for you.

Step out, My child, and accept my call on your life. Preach my Word, dear child, to all who are lost and hurting. Point them to me. And join, over and over again, the great and mighty hosts of heaven as they cry out in rejoicing, “Holy, holy, holy God!” over each sinner who repents. Let Me speak through you, let Me love the world through you. Lay down your fear. Open your hands and heart and lips. Let my Spirit flow out to the world through you. I have made you holy. You are so consecrated to My work. You are a priest and ruler in my sight! Just let go your fears and let Me use you. Be bold! Be strong! Be a mighty warrior in My Presence! You are Mine!

… “I have made you holy. You are consecrated to my work. You are a priest and ruler in My sight” … Lord, I hesitated to write this line. It seemed to me to be too much to expect. But Lord, if it is from You, how joyfully I accept it now!!! Thank You, Jesus! Father! Spirit! – my God!

Oh God, dear God, I pray for the Pentecostal church as they fast and pray before You this week! Oh Lord, protect them from the anger and attacks of the enemy and his forces, and answer the cries of their heart, O dear God! Bring revival and renewal and growth to Your church. Let them indeed be a light on a hill that cannot be hid! In the name of Jesus!

Lord, please bless the teachers at the schools. Dear God, Heavenly Father, pour out Your Holy Spirit upon our schools, utterly destroy!! the power of satan and his followers in these arenas. Help the Christian students, teachers, parents, staff to be mighty warriors – warriors wielding Your weapon of the LOVE of Jesus, who shed His blood, who died and rose again for each, every single person ever created.

You are infinitely more powerful than satan and than his forces, dear God! Show Your power now, dear Lord. And soften and fill the hearts of us, your people, that we might be willing and joyful vessels through whom You reach out and offer Your great love and salvation to a lost world. May many – all!! – find their way to You – the way, the truth, the life – the One Way.

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