Monday, 9 March 2009

What really is the role of women in the church?

Jan 29 2002

And Lord, about myself as a woman in the church… I really need to have Your guidance on this one… because for sure the commentators and the different churches have opposite opinions about women speaking in church… but maybe it’s all “academic” anyway… because there is still my “vision” of a womens retreat center – and it is okay for women to teach/ preach to women and kids.

And then… I was reading in the Bible dictionary and commentaries about what “preaching” entails – and yes, Your call was to preach, wasn’t it? - and the actual word means to proclaim/ herald the gospel to unbelievers… “preaching” to believers in a church setting is actually teaching and exhortation… Well, Lord… please continue to make clear to me what You would have me do. (By the way, that bit about what preaching really is… that’s scary for me!!! You’d really have to be in charge and You’d really have to be doing the speaking through my lips – WHICH IS, I suppose, where You’ve really wanted to get me all along). Anyway, please put me in to the circumstances where You want to use me, and continue filling me with Your Spirit and make me bold for You! Amen!

Lord, help me to remember always to just follow You step by step and not worry about how it is all going to work out – You know I want to be obedient to You Word – but there’s no need to worry ahead of time about things which might never happen anyway!

Oh… this “exhortation” at the Pentecostal church (and singing…) … when I do it, it is by request of the worship leader and/or under the blessing (headship, Lord?) of the pastor and his wife… Could it be You are providing me a safe “practice” area?? Does it conflict with Your Word? I do do it only as asked, and therefore orderly… and surely no one is interrupting the sermon on each other… and it says “each one” can have a psalm, hymn, word, etc… orderliness is the key in that passage, it seems… and headship… and we are (male and female) equal in Christ… aren’t we??? (though in order of authority). Hmmm. Lord, should I grow my hair? or wear a hat? (Seriously…)

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