Monday, 9 March 2009

That church is so exciting Lord... but I want Your will.... should I just steer clear?

Feb 1 2002

Amazing things are happening at Abundant Life, Lord, and I’d love to be part of it, but I know You have called me here to this community. I keep thinking, maybe I could go forward there to be prayed for and “sent out”… but then would I be under their roof or under Yours? What about the life group the next town over? And what about the group GB wants to start here? Lord? Should I just “steer clear”?

The awesome thing is, Lord, that amazing things are happening here, too, at the little Pentecostal Church… and the Anglican is starting a new Alpha group (which I want to attend… but oh, Lord… Your will be done!!!)

Last night (afternoon!) before church I practiced a bunch of things on guitar… but my “heart wasn’t in it.” At least I didn’t feel any real inspiration or direction from You, Lord, and at the last moment I just decided not to take the guitar at all. I did take along that thing I wrote awhile back about eagles, and although I think You want me to share it with someone, some time, last night wasn’t the time. I notice the song/worship time is getting shorter, and the sermon and altar time is getting longer… and I think that is Your leading, Lord… and then the wonderful fellowship time afterward….

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