Monday, 9 March 2009

Word from Father: Above all else, KNOW ME!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Praise Your holy Name! Dear Father, what do You want to say to me today, from my Job reading, or just from You? I had a list of things to write about, but I feel You want me to stop and listen.

Kneel… (why am I so reluctant to kneel… besides the fact I’m embarrassed someone might notice… it’s what old people do… undignified/ fanatic/ even scary?...) CLEANSE MY HEART, O GOD. Forgive me, Lord. Make me PURE AND HOLY before You by the blood of Jesus! Amen!

Norma, My child… I am all. Trust only in My Words. Know Me. Studies are fine, but do not lose your way. Keep your eyes always fixed firmly on My Son, Jesus. Don’t take them off for a moment! You are saved by grace. You do not have to earn your salvation by endless study – or repeated lifetimes [as ___ says]. Yes, I want you to draw nearer and nearer to me. Yes, I do want you to live a holy life. Yes, I do want you to know Me more and more. Yes, studying My Word is important.

But be sure it is My Word you are studying, and not the thoughts of men, traditions of men. Allow My Holy Spirit to fill you and keep on filling you. Let my Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, be your counselor and guide.

Submit, Norma, My child. Flee from the pride of human knowledge and reasoning. Learn from Me. Listen. Listen carefully, quietly, often – yes, listen constantly, listen until you can hear My Still, Small Voice, softly yet clearly even through the greatest din. You are saved – saved by the precious blood of My Son. Your soul is Mine – yes, created by Me, from Me – but not only that: you have given it back to me freely, from a heart of love, and I accept and embrace you forever with joy and gladness. You are my child. You do not have to earn the right or improve upon. I am your Father. You are part of My family – FREELY ACCEPTED by the blood of Jesus.

Yes, my dear child, study. Examine My Word, as the Bereans did. Read your commentaries and Bible Dictionaries and human books, and listen to preachers and teachers and even ____ – but listen always for the voice of My Spirit confirming to your heart what is truth. Examine everything you read or hear in the light of My full Word, and by the illumination of My Holy Spirit. Accept nothing from the minds of man, that has not clearly come from ME. Keep your ears and heart open wide, strain to hear My voice. And always, always, always – keep your eyes fixed on My Son, Jesus – the only, eternal, forever, unique author and finisher of your faith.

Study My Word, learn My Word, teach My Word, preach My Word – but always, always, always – know if it truly is MY WORD. KNOW ME. And introduce others to ME – Father, Son, Spirit – God Almighty – ALONE!!!

Lord, sometimes I worry with these things that after awhile I start writing my own thoughts (or even worse, thoughts from the enemy camp). But perhaps it is the enemy camp that makes me worry this way, Lord. I want to heart YOUR voice – ALONE! Help me, Jesus! Fill me, overflow me with Your Spirit! Amen! Thank You, Jesus! Right now! Amen! Praise God!

… Don’t worry, My child.

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