Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Wondering about "leadership" .... and teamwork... backed by prayer...

July 17, 2004

Dear Heavenly Father, I love You! I want to serve You.

I’ve wanted to be a life group leader for a long time, but I’ve come to realize that I wouldn’t be much use, and I certainly cannot evangelize my neighbors and my world, unless I really start praying seriously (daily, long-term, reaching out to and connecting with God).

I do lots of study, which is good as far as it goes. But I need to really, really pray, pray, pray, to connect with God and serve others.

“Study without service leads to spiritual stagnation.” (PDL). And study without real prayer and real connecting with God leads to spiritual stagnation, too. No wonder our group hasn’t grown. I haven’t been praying…

I don’t know if I have leadership potential, or if my being a woman is a problem in leading a cell group, but that’s really irrelevant, in the sense that, no matter what, I am a part of this group, and therefore responsible to both help it grow spiritually within the group, and to multiply externally! No excuses!

July 22, 2004

I just can’t get out of my mind that bit of discussion at our life group last night. I would love to organize things so that newcomers and new Christians are immediately drawn into the life of the church, and into a caring cell group, and discipled, and others outside evangelized and also brought in.

I love planning, organizing, studying new ideas and teaching them to others and trying them myself. I like paper-work and record keeping, when it has meaning and results.

And I would also love to lead a cell group, really, I think, a focus group, to help and disciple and evangelize women and their children who need guidance and and care. Maybe teens too. I couldn’t do it all myself, but I could gather and organize people who would (I think that data-base idea still has a lot of merit; and I could do that, too).

I also love close family relationships and have a great desire for my children to follow God. But I have also learned that I am not very effective on my own. I need to be part of a team.

What about my burden for concerted prayer for life groups? Oh! I cold find prayer warriors (data base again) and organize them and encourage others – organization and prayer working together for evangelism, caring, discipling…

Dear Lord, what do You want from me? From us?

Your will alone be done. Amen.

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