Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Needing to maintain a low profile - Your approval alone!

August 12, 2004

Oh dear, I just read the chapter on servant-hood in The Purpose Driven Life. I realized I really have trouble with “maintaining a low profile.” Like yesterday I was telling ____ that I brought drinks and snacks to the painters at the new church office the other day. Well! That just effectively blocked my reward from God, didn’t it? Forgive me, Lord!

I also have a tendency (okay, it’s not just a tendency – I do it, a lot!) to tell people about all the different things I am doing for the church and so on. I guess I feel that people think I don’t do much of “value” because I don’t “have a job/work.” Oh dear Lord, please help me to really realize and internalize (and act upon) the fact that “Real servants don’t serve for the approval or applause of others. They live for an audience of One.” Oh help me, Lord, to really have this attitude, to do all things for Your glory, Your approval alone!

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