Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Opportunity for the saints to get off their seats and on to their knees...

September 15, 2004

Dear Heavenly Father, Oh! I am so excited. What an awesome video last night (Transformations 2). What an excitement in our group, what a moving of Your Spirit! You are doing things! You are preparing our hearts. We can go out and prayer walk our community and find out what is happening there. And in prayer and communication with You, Holy Spirit, we can be involved in the work and the will of God for our community, and our church, and our cell group. What a mighty God we serve!

Oh, dear God, please help me pray tonight. I mean today, every day. Don’t let this be an excitement that wears off the instant “distractions” and the worries and mundaneness of life come along. Oh, dear God, I don’t want a momentary fire of emotion, I want the unquenchable, eternal fire of Your Holy Spirit burning deep in my soul, throughout my entire being. I want this for myself, my family, my community – to all those called, and those to be called by Your name. Praise God! Do this Lord. Do Your work of transformation, and use me, use us, Lord, in the way You plan and purpose.

Dear God, please, please open a door of grace and glory and opportunity in my community, opportunity for the saints to get off their seats and down on their knees in repentance and praise, and into Your purpose to bring many, many souls to Yourself in our community, region, province, nation, world. It is not Your will that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Help us to really comprehend that the lost around us are lost, totally, hopelessly, eternally condemned to hell, to the lake of fire, to an eternity forever separated from God and from God’s love, the only thing worth living for.

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