Monday, 9 March 2009

Wierd Christians?

Oct 20 2001

What does it mean “to be a Christian” in Christ’s eyes – or in the eyes of the world? – Two quite different things! Or in the eyes of other “Christians” – another thing again!

I have always struggled more with Christians who think that being a Christian involves being incredibly prissy and probably living in a safe little “Christian” environment, avoiding “worldly influences” (including people!) as much as possible. But as a Christian, there is no doubt I am called to be “different” – in this world but not of this world, a light on a hill that cannot be hid, an ambassador for Jesus… and therefore for holiness and righteousness. And yes – to be hated by the world, because the leader of this world hates holiness and righteousness.

I guess the thing is – and maybe I’ve just been rambling around and wasting a lot of time and paper – is that I don’t mind being like Jesus – that is, indeed, what I want, and I am constantly becoming more and more aware of how hard and unacceptable that is … but I don’t want to be seen as being weird for the sake of being seen as weird. Am I making any sense? Jesus was different because He lived the Truth… not different by wearing strange clothes, and acting holier-than-thou. He didn’t “act” anything. He just was righteousness.

I know some “weird” Christians really are righteous, though… Christianity has an amazing ability to attract the weird, the unlovely, the unloved, the misfits, the failures of our “society.” And when they do find Jesus, they often become the most “on-fire” Christians of all – including their weirdness! Oh dear! (But you know, it’s pretty easy to tell genuinely weird people from those who put it on as “religious robes”… and easier to like the former…)

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