Monday, 9 March 2009

Ministry fair... impressive display... but not Your place for me?....

October 22, 2001

I went to the Abundant Life ministry fair last night. There was nothing there for me. It was an impressive display, but Lord, I’m quite sure its not Your place for me. There was nothing about their outreaches into other communities, that they are always talking about. It was an impressive display, but its not where You want me.

Thank You. I feel the tension in mé draining out. I feel Your Presence – deep within. You are here. You are in control. I love You – and I know You love me… Totally, unreservedly… so much that You gave Jesus Your Son… Oh, Lord, fill me with Your love… Let me love You and others in some small measure as You have loved me, and given Yourself for me, my Lord. Thank You, Jesus. I bow. I worship Thee. What a mighty God I serve.

“He poured in the oil and the wine, The kind that restoreth my soul, He found me bleeding and dying by the Jericho road, And he poured in the oil and the wine.” Thank You, Jesus.

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