Monday, 9 March 2009

Where, oh where do You want me, church-wise???

May 4 2002

Sunday morning all my kids – including ___ - came to church at Abundant Life with me!!! Praise God!!! Another wonderful Mother’s Day! And the sermon was so awesome.

May 28, 2002

Some people are starting a new “church” at the hall – or even in the park – this coming Sunday…. Lord, I haven’t committed myself, though they want me to come, because I don’t know what Your will is for me (or even them…). I know I really haven’t prayed about it, so I am asking You now… please show me Your will!!! about if I should go to this group. (I know You have been working in our community, answering my prayers for youth and for transformation, closing down those party places, making kids dissatisfied with that way, and I did ask for a new group – I had the Abundant Life in mind but they have not moved this way though they certainly planned to at one time (a year ago). And I have, well – felt “released” from the Anglican… and no urge to go to the Christian Fellowship church except to visit and share/ fellowship occasionally… and now the past 2 Sunday nights I just haven’t gone to the Pentecostal… no urge, and things have come up… I’m just nervous about it in case it’s just my “hurt feelings” getting in the way… Oh dear God, please be clear about these things!!! Thank You!! Lord!!!

June 17, 2002

We didn’t go to church yesterday. I felt in limbo. I thought of going to try out the “Community Church” but suddenly it was too late. I don’t feel any urge or sense of whatever about ___’s new group. My daughter didn’t even come home for Abundant Life. __ were playing computer games and missed the Christian Fellowship church. And I just don’t have any urge to go the the Anglican. Honestly, Lord, I don’t know where You want me. I know satan is using this. Please, Lord, make Your way clear!!! (And I still feel uncomfortable about the Pentecostal…)

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