Monday, 9 March 2009

Build Your church, Lord, make us one Lord - and I want to be part of it! (but not of traditions and fear!)

May 2 2002

When I awoke this morning, I found myself singing that song…
“We’re the people of God, called by His Name,
Called from the dark and delivered from shame
One holy race, saints everyone,
Because of the blood of Christ Jesus His Son.
With our lips let us sing one confession
With our hearts hold to one truth alone
For He has erased our transgressions
Claimed us and called us His own, His very own.
Hear us you spirits of darkness
So you will know where we stand
We are His servants purchased with scars
Bought by the blood of the Lamb, the blood of the Lamb.”

I must read my Bible now. But right now I’m going to claim – declare! – the words of another “old” song:
“For I’m building a people of power
And I’m making a people of praise
That will move through this land by my Spirit
And will glorify my precious name.
Build Your church, Lord, make us strong Lord,
Join our hearts, Lord, through Your Son,
Make us one, Lord, in Your body,
In the kingdom of Your Son!”

Oh God, I believe that is Your Will. I believe that is what You are doing! And I want to be part of it!!! Oh dear God – it isn’t about tradition – but it’s all about You!

“I’m coming back to the heart of worship
And it’s all about You, Lord
It’s all about You.
I’m sorry, Lord, for the thing I’ve made it
When it’s all about You, Lord,
It’s all about You.

(And as for tradition – well Lord, it shouldn’t be our tradition at all – it should all be Yours! From Your Word – both Old and New covenants/ testaments! Wow! I have really got to pay attention! Learn from You!)

(Maybe I could start by studying John 13-17 – for myself, satan. I hear you trying to sneak in suggestions that I should preach it to ___ from the platform while I’m doing a special or whatever… yes, that really is your way… cause more pain, anger, hurt, division!!! If it were from Jesus, it would be a suggestion that will bring love, unity in the body, healing, deliverance – and God would be glorified above all things! So take your thoughts, satan, and leave me, in the name of Jesus! And Lord, I’m sorry I even started to entertain satan’s “suggestions.” Oh, forgive me, dear God, in the name of my Jesus! Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus, for Your precious shed blood. And thank You so much, dear Holy Spirit, for helping me see (discern!) what the enemy was up to, and resist him by Your Almighty Power and Word!

Oh dear God, please be with that poor man (and lady?) today. Pour out Your Spirit. Rescue, deliver him from the dark spirits of pain, hurt, unforgiveness – and yes, earthly “tradition.” Oh God, he just needs to really meet You! He just needs the outpouring of Your Spirit in his life! Oh God, rescue him from his sad, dark pit…

Well – You have surely opened my eyes to why it is so important to truly be filled with the Spirit. How difficult it must be to be bereft (even if by choice) of Your Spirit, Lord, while around one are children of God delighting in the infilling of Your Spirit. Living in a self-imposed cell of darkness and dampness and chill, while all around are others living in the glorious freedom and light of Your presence. Oh dear God, destroy the dark spirit of fear – and unforgiveness – that holds – binds – him. and open all of our hearts to the things that bind us, too, and make us willing – longing! – to cast it all aside and truly enter into the utter, supernatural, amazing fullness of Your grace and love and freedom as children/ heirs of God the King, and co-heirs of Jesus, Son of God, our wonderful Savior, and the precious Holy Spirit who longs with an endless longing to totally fill every fibre of our beings and bring us into oneness with You, dear God, Heavenly Father. Bless Your Holy Name! Amen!

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Unknown said...

Thankl you Norma for sharing this. I woke up this morning singing "For I'm building a people of power" - and I decided to goole it.

I have read this but I am coming back later to read it again.

I like what you said about it not being about the "traditions and fear"