Monday, 9 March 2009

What I really want from church... And please make me a woman of action!

May 9 2002

About church… Lord I just want a place of peace and joy where it is obvious that the people are united in the love of God, and want to reach out, truly reach out, to their neighbors… including their teen neighbors… welcoming them uncritically, joyously introducing the youth to Jesus – including by living in front of them lives and spirits totally permeated by a Christ-like spirit – indeed the Spirit of Christ. And prepared to lovingly nurture them, disciple them, encourage them, teach them, help them to know Jesus more and more each day in a loving, intimate, trusting relationship overflowing with the love, hope, joy, peace of Jesus, and the power of Jesus against the enemy. (Not laying a bunch of orders and rules and … (dare I say it, Lord??)… ummm. “traditions.”

Oh God, fill the ___’s with Your Holy Spirit. How can it be to go to a Pentecostal Church for all those years and never really experience (receive) the fullness You have freely offered…

Some thoughts the Lord has impressed upon me the last couple days: “Give me that old-time religion!... It’s good enough for me!” No pussyfooting PC activity! The full gospel of Christ, suffering, perfection, victory, warfare, salvation, sanctification, infilling of the Holy Ghost… (and yes, maybe also being more sensitive to old folks’ need for “tradition” (help me, God…!!) ).

I’ve always been much more a hearer (and note taker) than a doer, Lord. Please! Make me a woman of action!

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