Monday, 9 March 2009

We are all missionaries...

March 27, 2000

Went to the Pentecostal evening service last night – missionaries from Mozambique. What amazing, miraculous, almost unbelievable things are happening there – in a country of dire poverty, flooding, conflicting religions (atheism due to communism, animism, Muslim, Catholicism, Protestantism) and years past of colonialism, communism, and civil war. But like the missionary said, people there are hungry for God – while he also mentioned that Canada is probably more closed than at any time in its history.

The thing that really impressed me was the amount of fasting and praying. He said the people there love to fast and pray – and boy do they get results! So I was thinking that I guess that is what I better start to do, for my kids especially. He says nothing can stand against that kind of power! He says those people fast and pray on Tuesdays and Fridays and sometimes they get together in groups and fast and pray all weekend, then go to their church on Sunday with amazing power! So I figure – I have nothing to lose (except maybe a few ounces around my middle, which I’ve been worrying about anyway!) and everything to gain if God chooses to answer “Yes” – and even if He doesn’t answer in just the way I would think of (or even not at all the way I would think of) for sure His blessings will fall, right?....

The missionary started by reminding us that we are all missionaries, even right in our own home. And the Anglican priest in the morning service talked about how when we try to be/do other than who you have made us to be, we trivialize Your plans for us. And I really realize that Your plan for me right now is to be a missionary for my children, and I feel I have so messed up, especially with always wanting something more exciting and monetarily rewarding and “important.” Forgive me, oh Lord, please forgive me. Please give me the wisdom and strength to guide my children to You by love and care, by instruction, by encouragement, by sound example, and most of all, by daily prayer and fasting! Amen!

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