Monday, 9 March 2009

A new start... let me see from Your perspective

July 5 1999

The kids seemed to enjoy camp more than they expected…. Thank You, Jesus! Anyway, Praise God, I know that camp was a very important part of Your step-by-step plan. It surely was for me. I have learned so much about prayer, been blessed by real Christian friends, started to open up to good Christian music, group praying, etc. – and am more convinced than ever that we are following Your will, oh Lord, as much as we know how!... And – I know You are in control and You have our future – including job, location, etc, under Your control!

July 14 2000

Open my eyes, Lord, that I can see from Your perspective, not just from my narrow vision of things. Help me not to lean unto my own understanding. Overcome my pride, my self-centeredness, my concern about what others say and think about me. Help me be always more concerned about what You think. Open my eyes wide to the extent of my need for You in every aspect of my life.

May all my conversation and thinking be Godly. Encourage me to have holy standards in my life, and in my family’s life, so that we may be a holy witness to the world. May my worship of You, both at church and in all my life, be Holy Spirit inspired and led. Direct and inspire my prayers, Bible study, and daily walk with You. Help me to give extravagantly, sacrificially, prodigally of my money, goods, talents, gifts – of my life, of all that You have give me – to You and Your work, and to others in need. Lead me to have Godly values in all areas of my life, including the “secular” areas; help me to recognize always that all areas of my life belong to You and that Jesus inhabits them all.

Help me to see clearly the truth of society’s values and lovingly communicate Your truth. May I not be conformed to this world but be transformed to Your will, alert to spiritual danger, and be able to stand strong and true for Jesus. Help me to trust You for all my needs. Whatever I do or say, let it be representative of Your Son, Jesus. Let Jesus do His best through me, instead of me trying to do my best with Jesus’ help. Help me to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with You, my God. Lord, please give me a deep concern for the lost, and help me witness to my neighbors and friends, and to all those I come in contact with. Help me to care for other believers, and always aim for reconciliation and friendship with all Your children. Fill my heart with longing for the fellowship of Your people, and help me to then pursue that longing.

“In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” (Prov 16:9). Lord, you know how easily I worry about the future. Help me to always hold Your hand, and learn more each day to trust You implicitly, and just walk with You step by step by step. Lord, there are many things I my husband, praise and worship group for myself, youth group; which church You would have us attend and participate in; guitar, piano, music in my life; salvation, baptism, commitment for all my children; wisdom from You, Lord, to train my children (“I plead the blood-stained lintel, Thy covenant of grace… May they be found righteous, may they not be ashamed, When we stand before You, O Lord, on that great judgment day”); family prayer, worship, devotions, walking together with Jesus, worshiping together, loving each other, unity in Jesus Christ; spiritual and emotional healing between the children; Christ-like love, discipline, restoration for my children, husband, and myself; my marriage, my negative attitudes I so often find myself holding toward my husband; spiritual and occupational guidance for him; help me to back off and let You work in his life, Lord; may we someday be able to pray and talk openly together… all these things I place right now in Your hands. Lord, help me to trust You, and walk with You step by step, letting You lead the way.

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