Monday, 9 March 2009

Getting involved in "church music"?

July 12, 2000

On June 25 at the Anglican Sunday School picnic, the minister asked me to prayerfully consider leading a Friday evening Praise and Worship group – and also possibly helping out with youth group (at least music). For sometime I’ve had people compliment me on my singing and was asked to join the Anglican Church choir. I was also asked in June to play piano for the Christian Fellowship morning service (when the pianist was absent), which went okay. On July 7 at the Pine Grove Family Camp campfire time my sister and I just seemed to naturally lead the singing, and it was a blessed campfire time, I believe, for all of us – kids right through older folks. Someone said I should lead the camp singing afterward, and next day one of the music leaders suggested bringing me up on stage to join the worship team but I more or less laughed it off (I was half afraid… or maybe more… that she was mocking me, because of how I’d been treated in the church youth group years before… but the more I think of it, the less likely that seems… she just isn’t life that!).

Anyway, the morning after that campfire I woke up singing, and I think I’ve been more or less singing ever since! I was really impressed about the need to provide music that meets the spiritual/ musical needs of everyone (I admit, though, that I got quite judgmental about the music chosen by the “worship team” at camp, in services, and at campfire the following evening. I’m sorry, Lord. Keep me humble! Help me not to be judgmental because I’m not a great musician, not as good as them I am sure. Anyway, the past 3 evenings I’ve spent an hour or so each evening practicing songs/choruses on my guitar, and am amazing at how well my fingers are working. Are You helping me, Lord??

Anyway, today the ___s invited me, my husband, and my son for supper. After supper, Mr ___ got his autoharp out, and they insisted I play the piano, and we had a good time singing, and then a great time visiting and sharing afterwards! I was rusty at first but started really getting into it. So what I want to know is, are You leading me in all this Lord? Is this Your direction, or maybe just my own wishes (I admit I deep down love the idea of being actively involved in the church music… but I want any involvement to be from You, Lord!).

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