Monday, 9 March 2009

Thank You for blessings; reaching out to the world in Christian community

August 10 2000

Thank You for a summer with so much time for daily music practice, and for events like Family Camp campfire and playing with the worship team at church, which have encouraged and inspired me. Thank You also for so much time this summer to be immersed in Your Word and prayer, and learning from mature Christian speakers…. I do long for some real in-depth study and discussion with other Christians – not just light surface study, but really getting into the meat of Your Word, and finding out how it applies in practical (and spiritual!) ways to all of my life. To reach out to the world in Christian community.

Thank You also, again, for all Your wonderful provisions for all of our family, good food, good schools and education, good special ed for ___, good physical and emotional medical care, a comfortable home and furnishings, good churches, camps, conferences, Sunday Schools, youth groups, prayer and Bible Study groups, my husband's job, EI, good garden, great, generous friends, wonderful companionship – how mightily You have blessed us, Lord! Praise Your Holy name!

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