Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Unite Your body! Send us out as harvest workers... IN YOUR TIME... and YOUR DREAMS!

March 31, 2005

Oh Lord, please show me Your way. Your will be done. Join all Your body together. Unite us. Transform us, Lord. Teach us to pray and intercede for Your will, Your purpose, Your kingdom, Your glory. Oh God, pour out Your Spirit upon me, upon us dear God. Nothing is impossible for You. Make us a holy people, Lord, called by Your name, until under You we march on to the victory of the Cross by the precious shed blood of Jesus. “Onward Christian soldiers, marching as to war!” Till the enemy is destroyed and the glory of God reigns supreme for all eternity. Amen! Oh God, send out workers into Your harvest fields. Send me, dear Lord. Amen and amen. Praise Your name!

April 6, 2005

_________ gave me words of wisdom: “God has given you the might and the message, now let him tell you when and how to say it. In the Spirit it will complete its work, in the flesh it will fall on deaf ears.”

Of course I know that, but we are so often, even constantly, exhorted to “step out, be, do, start, move ahead, use your gifts,” and I start panicking, especially since I’m getting older and time just seems to fly. Lord, You know my heart. You know I am eager, ready, willing. You know I want to obey, to serve, but I get in such a rush. I’m so afraid to be sitting back doing nothing. The days seem to stream by and I can’t seem to put my finger on anything I have “accomplished.” But that is not the point, is it? I’m supposed to rest in You, just take life a moment at a time, just as You send it along, and worship You, serve You, praise and glorify You in every little circumstance.

April 25, 2005

No more my dreams… only God’s dreams now! I think we, as Christians – or at least me – have become as navel-gazing as the world around us. We’ve accepted the “know thyself” philosophy instead of desiring only to know God. How can I be like Christ when I’m constantly considering my life, my talents, my vision? I say they are His, but are they really? They might be, but… as long as I worry about myself (and yes, that is what I have been doing) how can I ever lift my eyes totally and permanently to focus on Him? Pretty shocking, eh? So much for resumes!

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