Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Help me wait Lord for Your will, Your time: And Your response, Father!

March 27, 2005

Lord, I realized today that I love this church. But I want us to go, go, go! I want us to stop “getting ready” and get out there in action. Lord, I was so thrilled with this church, with its vision. I wanted to be part of the action. I still want to be. But we’ve never got going. Where are the people being mentored and trained? Where are the new groups starting? Can we really just step out and do it? Or are You waiting for a perfect timing? Am I too impatient?

I want to revisit the vision. See again where it is that we want to go, where it is that You want us to go, if indeed it is from You. I believed it was from You. I still want to believe that. What’s going on? Can You calm me down and talk to me? Please?
Thank You. I’m feeling more peaceful already. Lord? I’m listening (I’m trying…)

“Patience takes away all want. Your desire for the thing you wish is perhaps stronger than your desire for the will of God to be fulfilled in its arrival.” (CHP, Streams in the Desert, Feb 21).

That’s a pretty clear answer, Lord. Sorry for my haste. Your will be done….

“The problem of getting great things from God is being able to hang on for the last half hour. ‘When the night unlocks her bars / I shall see Him – and I will wait.’” (Washington Gladden)

Okay, I can wait. Help me wait, Lord, until Your will is done....

My child...
I am ready to do a great work in my church and in the hearts and minds of my saints. Now is the time to bow before me, to humble yourselves, to fast and pray. The battle is engaged, the enemy is defeated already, defeated by the blood of Jesus, by the obedience and prayers and commitment of the saints of God, as they come under obedience to the Word of God, and submission to the Spirit of Christ in all things, casting aside the thoughts of man, and standing firm on the eternal Word of God, without compromise or acceptance of man’s thoughts.

Cleanse your hearts and minds, my children; cast out all that compromises my truth. Be totally obedient to Me, and I will bless you, I will lead you and guide you into a victorious transformation and joy that hitherto you have not even begun to imagine. Cast aside your humanly conceived plans and methods and embrace me only. Put on the mind of Christ. Be transformed by the renewing of your minds that you may know what is that perfect and righteous will of God.

I will do it if you will let me. Only do not be afraid of man. Do not be afraid of man’s scorn. I am with you. I am right now opening the flood gates of glory. Let my glory overcome the darkness of your world. Let my light shine in, starting within yourselves. Then I can shine through to others. Rise up! Be my mighty soldiers. Victory! Glory! Praise!

(Thank You, Lord)

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