Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Oh Lord, make us dead men that we may truly live in You!

May 22, 2005

“Lord, spare nothing in me that would hinder the flowing of the rivers of the water of life. Carry thy cross to every root and corner of my most secret being.” (Mrs Cowman, Springs in the Valley, May 21). I believe this is God’s message for those of us who would pray at camp. Cleanse us first, Lord! Then You can pour out Your power. Then we can be “extreme God-chasers.” Then true revival – God’s glory, not just His anointing – can come!

Old hymn words are rising up in me… and scriptures, calling me, calling us, to You, in complete, utter, total submission, consecration, holiness… complete and utter and total sanctification. Almighty God! Open our hearts to their very depths, dear God. Cut, cleave, cleanse us with the light and power and pain of Your sharp two-edged sword, till all we can do is fall on our faces prostrate before You in pain and agony of spirit, as we face the truth of our selfishness, our shallowness, our rebelliousness, our horrible, filthy rags of sin and pain and degradation! Rescue us, Lord, from our path to hell, and prepare us for a visitation of Your Spirit such as we have never before dared to even imagine or experience.

Oh God, open our hearts to You alone. Help us to cast off all, every morsel, every tidbit, of our selfish desires and longing, every tiny thing that holds us back from You. You are God Almighty. We should be as nothing in Your sight. And yet You created us, You love us, You long for us. You long for us! You want us to be in eternal relationship, communion, love with You, in Your presence where “no man can see You and live!” Oh dear God, please, please, please make us dead men before You, that we might truly live before You and with You, now and forever in Your glorious grace and love and glory and presence! Glory! Power! Hallelujah! What a mighty God we serve! Praise Your holy name! Amen and Amen!

Use me, Lord. But oh, dear God, let people see only You. Hide me, Lord, behind the shadow of Your old rugged cross. (I understand that picture better now, Lord).

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