Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Not doing things the early church way... but knowing You! Not our strength, but Yours alone! Repent! Submit!

May 23, 2005

Dear Lord, What a mighty Word, what a mighty prayer You gave me last night. I just read it again. O dear God, please fulfill Your Word, here, now, in my life, in my family, in my church, in my community – and, O Lord, at camp this summer! Praise Your holy name! Thank You, Lord.

Up to now, I have been trying to figure out how we can do the things of the early church. But that is not the point at all. The whole point is knowing Jesus, obeying Him, praying and waiting upon Him for His promise, experiencing His promise of the filling of the Holy Spirit, and going forth in that power and glory to allow God to use our weak vessels to bring His glory to the world. It’s all about our weakness, which absolutely must be recognized through deep and utter repentance and total destruction of our self-sufficiency and self-righteous attitudes and beliefs. And its total replacement with God’s strength. And the continual walking thereafter in His strength alone – to His glory alone!

We cannot give God the glory, not truly, unless we first allow His glory to be poured out on all flesh. And flesh must die in order for that to happen. We say that when we are saved or born again, that we are new creatures, that in God’s eyes we are perfect. But if that is true, we must live according to that every moment, not just “bask in the afterglow.” God wants a bride that is perfect! Oh God, help Your church to cast itself before You in utter shame, humbling, repentance.

“Change my heart, O God… Make it ever true… Let me be like You… Mold and make me… Jesus, oh Jesus, come and fill your land…”

Thank You, Lord, for the confirmation You have given me – that traditional barriers must be broken, that Your church must unite, that we must repent and pray together earnestly as long as it takes, till Your glory breaks through and destroys the strongholds and Your Kingdom breaks forth! Glory hallelujah!

Thank You for the old-time hymns of Your glory and truth and power; and repentance and submission by Your people.

Thank You that You are preparing to break loose in this city and region and province and nation and continent and world, if only we will truly bow before You and be prepared to die in order to see Your life burst forth, in us first, and then Your church, then down the aisles, out the doors, and throughout communities and regions and into all the world.

Glory, Jesus! Lord, please help me be a good neighbour to my neighbours. Thank You, Lord. Bring them to Yourself. Amen. Thank You for Your car.

And yes, I still want to preach Your word, challenge Your people, reach out in whatever prophetic or other ministry You have for me. For Jesus’ glory, in Jesus glory! Make me a warrior princess for You, Lord. I want to be “wild at heart” for You! Amen!

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