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thoughts on fanaticism (?).... especially about "spiritual warfare" ... systems....

April 17, 2007

When I woke up this morning, I did a quick email check and there was a notice for a Dr Phil TV program featuring Bob Larsen, about “spiritual warfare.” I don’t know about this, Lord. I feel my back go up every time I hear about “spiritual warfare” (as a “practice/ ministry/ etc). and the name, “Bob Larsen,” even more so. (And I’m not terrible excited about Dr. Phil either – guess I associate him with Oprah – who seems to offer an awfully “pleasant” alternative to following You… oh dear… There was a time when I was praying for her. Maybe I should start again! Lord??) Anyway, I was skimming down the email, which of course was also advertising tapes he has for sale, and there was one on “voices from the past speaking through people” – which is of course a Haida traditional belief… well, that got my curiosity, but I still have this kind of freaky/ nervous/ hair-standing-up-on-my-neck kind of feeling.

Lord, I took it right off as a “warning from You” – but then wondered if it might alternatively be the “enemy” trying to keep me away (like from worthwhile information) and/or just my own past experiences of people who get “carried away/ obsessed/ fanatical” about a certain aspect of Your truth/ Word – and gets so focused on it, that they get totally out of balance, and I think, start serving “it” instead of You, and even that “part” of Your truth gets twisted (so it is no longer truth!) and lots of people get dragged after them! Well, that would be a good reason for me to “rise up the hair on my neck!”

But could it be that I am just scared of things that seem “fanatical” to me. When I read Your Word, I see that You – and Your disciples! – cast out demons a lot! And I have no doubt there are lots of demons and demonic activity. And that You have sent us out to do “even more” than You did while on earth. And that You are willing – wanting! – to cast out the enemy and all his followers (including the habits and influences of our own flesh!) from people, freeing them to be filled with Your Holy Spirit and living free of possession (nonbelievers) and/ or oppression (believers… and non believers?) by demons.

But it just says You spoke with authority – backed up, as You Yourself said, by fasting and prayer, and intimate abiding in the Father and the Father in You, with the power of the Holy Spirit, doing the works of the Father as He reveals them to You, in the daily walk of life through the (above) preparation and consistent living of Him, Father God, in and through Yourself, our example.

What I don’t see are big programs, and how-tos, and people screaming, and placing their hands on a person’s head, and pushing it around, and shouting in tongues, and all those “theatrics.” And so on…

When I did papers, I used to pray against the forces of darkness that seemed to have “extra power” in certain locations… and over time there seemed to me to be “lightening” of the “darkness” and “oppression” of those places.

I haven’t ever, though, been used by You (maybe I haven’t been willing – and/or ready, not walking in Your power and authority… I’m sorry Lord… walking in fear and doubt instead!) for direct individual service for You in this area (I didn’t want to write the word “ministry” because it made me right away think of “TV and radio ministries” that deal with these things)… except, I guess, for the many times I have prayed for protection for our family) from demonic oppression and activity…

I think about going over to visit ___ on the reserve, and yet I “don’t want to” go over there… there is something there… people talk about how that reserve is so “unprogressive” compared to reserves north and south… well, maybe there is a spiritual reason for all the drug problems and stuff… related to the “darkness” I so often sensed in this whole area, and was convinced had deep, centuries-long roots…

And spiritual oppression – yes, even possession – is one of the biggest things (maybe, yes, it is – the thing) that scares me about going back to a former community.

If we go back – if You are leadng me to “native ministries” or even “mission” work or work “on the streets” or whatever – I cannot do it alone, myself. I can only do it as I truly abide in You (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit) and You abide in me and fill me and guide me and protect and comfort me with the fullness and constant abiding and working (YOUR WORK) of Your Holy Spirit in/ with/ through my spirit. Possessed by Christ! No space for the enemy!

Please, Lord, make Your will and Your truth and Your work plain to me by Your Spirit in my life – the Spirit of Christ coming from Father God and teaching me all things, as Jesus my Savior loves and intercedes for me – united with my God! Wow! Amen! Your will be done today, dear Lord God – Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit! Amen!

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