Monday, 9 March 2009

Seeking Your truth... Knowing You more... and Your big picture!

August 16, 2002

Right on the front cover of an old Christianity Today Magazine I picked up was an article, “The Joy of Predestination” so I read it. Another “God-incident?” I know I read this article a long time ago, but it didn’t sink in (or I didn’t “get it.”) Now… Oh Lord, please clearly direct me into the truth. I guess You are doing that… my heart hungers for it, for the meat of Your word, for knowing You… and in so many ways You keep sending me more knowledge and understanding of You.

Even last night on the way to Abundant Life, ___ and I were listening to the soundtrack from “Gladiator” and talking about the greatness and majesty of the music, and the shallowness of the music and movies and books so much in our society – the whole shallow “Tinseltown” culture. And I was once again so reminded of the stark contrast between that, and the awesome, unimaginable (to man’s limited mind) majesty and power and authority of God. (Mom and I had also been talking along those lines… inspired, well me anyway, by that article on music which You sent my way…)

I have just finished reading two more articles in that Christianity Today magazine: “Beyond Self-Help Chatter: Each biblical passage is a pixel in a greater picture – a truth preachers forget at the peril of their listeners’ souls” and “Big Picture Faith: From the first nanosecond to the final cry of victory, and every divine moment between – all is charged with meaning.” Thank You, Lord, for reminding me that while doctrinal points – like predestination – are important (often vitally) in themselves, always I must remember to frame them in Your “Big Picture!” Thank You, Lord!

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