Monday, 9 March 2009

Why should we go to church? so many questions I have... Am I crazy?

August 17, 2002

“Belief” (as conveyed by the Saniyo people of Papua New Guinea): “I am hearing, thinking about, grasping hold of and following the talk of Jesus continuously all the time.”

August 29, 2002

I just asked hubby why we, as Christians, should go to church. “For fellowship,” he said. Anything else? “To worship God.” Does that mean we are to fellowship with people who worship God? What does it mean to worship God? How many people really worship God? I read him all kinds of verses – about renewing your mind, about what Christians are to be like, about loving God and neighbor and obeying God’s commands, Deut 6 re your kids, walking in your house with blameless heart setting no vile thing before your eyes, faith without works is dead, what love is according to 1 Cor 13… No answer. “Do you think I’m crazy?” I asked. “No.”

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