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A cell group here? Lord? - and need for good theology... and "fluff"retreats....

July 29, 2002

The other day I was at the gas station, and a young couple from Abundant Life were there. They came up to me and told me they are moving to our area at the end of July, and will be starting a cell/ life group, and do I want to attend? Oh Lord – yes, I do – but do You want me to?

Aug 11 2002

My! What a lot I am learning from reading my new book by Sproul on “Free Will”! I really believe God put that particular book in the Christian bookstore for me now… a topic of such eternal significance, for my relationship with God now and eternally, and with significance for every single choice I make every day, as I seek to walk with God. How vastly important to truly seek to know and understand the character and grace and love of my Master and Savior! What a difference if the deep truths – and the true applications to our daily walk with God, physically, intellectually, spiritually, volitionally – were taught clearly and strongly in our churches, and in our homes… I am beginning to see the importance of truly deep study of theology by our spiritual leaders! Oh for Godly Bible Schools and seminaries! Praise His Name! And pulpits all over our land… and study groups led by Godly, trained people, who know God, and filled with believers who desire, who have a passion to know and love, trust, and obey God and neighbor with all their heart, strength and mind – with their will totally directed to bring glory and honor to the One who first loved them and saved them by His totally amazing grace alone!!!

I just looked at the registration form for the Ladies Retreat which just a week ago I thought would be fun to go to. How my heart has already changed. First I noticed that there are only four 1 ½ hour sessions with the speaker the whole weekend, no prayer times indicated, the whole Saturday afternoon free for “napping, hiking, or shopping” or a “snowman craft" class. If I am going to spend $135 for a weekend “retreat,” I want it to truly be a time to retreat from the world and into the arms and heart of my Lord, not just to have “fun with the girls” with a bit of teaching seemingly almost “tossed in” – almost like a “fluff” iceberg lettuce salad with nothing but a few baby tomatoes thrown in so it can (barely) be called “salad” instead of “tossed lettuce.” Am I being too harsh? The other thing that jumped out at me was the message, “For your own enjoyment and out of consideration for others, we ask that you please leave babies and children at home. Thank you!” Well! I’d far rather attend a camp where they don’t tear nursing (or even non-nursing) infants away from their mothers, or force the moms not to come – at a crucial time in their lives as they prepare to raise their little ones for God! Lord, is this why You have given me the retreat center vision?

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