Monday, 9 March 2009

real serving or being used? ... Father says: My yoke is easy!

June 15, 2003

Dear God – which of my abilities and experiences and personality traits and spiritual gifts and passions do You want me to use to pass Your many blessings on to others? Why do I keep hesitating to offer to help out with the Saturday night 180 café? Wrong time? Too tired? Wrong idea? Just scared?

June 17, 2003

Question: How do you know what is real serving, and what is being used… Is there a point at which you say “no”? ie. for your health; for others good (like when they aren’t being responsible) (when you’re taking over their ministry)? Is there a difference between service and co-dependency? How do I know that point? Ah…. “If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ).

Dear God – What would You say to me today?

Norma, My child…
Work for Me, not for others.
Do the will of the Father, as Jesus did. Use Him as your example. Learn from the Word.
Never “serve” for your own adulation.
Don’t go “looking” for opportunities to serve. I will place My opportunities before you – the things I need you to do.
Just do them as they come. Do them for my glory. Don’t worry – I care about your health! Remember – My yoke is easy and My burden is light.
Serve Me. Love Me. Don’t worry.
I am the One you must serve and love. Then you will love and serve others in the right ways and the appropriate amounts, and you will know when to say “No” and it will be easy. If they react bitterly, turn your ears to My quiet commendation – and look at Me – for eternity.
What would Jesus do?

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