Monday, 9 March 2009

An opening for service?

April 15, 2001 Easter Sunday

Christ is risen! Hallelujah! Christ is risen indeed!

Today when I awoke, my first thought, even though I feel very tired these days, was “I feel like something great is going to happen at church today” – and then I realized, there I go trusting in my feelings again! It is true – I have been trusting in my “feelings” or “impressions” a lot lately – which can be pretty dangerous/ risky when they are “all over the map” so to speak – which they have been lately – due, I expect, to my tiredness, and to the stresses – trials/temptations – the devil has been throwing my way – and which the Lord has been allowing,without doubt in the hope that I will cast all my cares upon Him and trust Him…

Oh Lord, give me a hunger – a starvation for Your Word… “I want to know You more, I want to know You more…” so that I may be able to be grounded by faith in God, the Rock, through Jesus Your Son. (And so that whatever I ask for, will be in Your will – for then I will know You will answer)… help me never again to depend on feelings or impressions or even the words of others (no matter what wonderful Christians they may be), but only on You as revealed through Your Word…

May 13, 2001 Mother’s Day (Sunday)

Who was at the Christian Fellowship church with me this morning? All my children, including baby and even one of the boyfriends – and my tutoring student was there too with the ___’s! Grandpa and Grandma were there too! What an incredible Mother’s Day! ____ was leading worship and she said when she saw us all there she almost started to bawl!

May 24, 2001

I called ___’s mom and she told me about what their pastor said about how we just have to keep loving our kids and praying for them… She also talked about how we need to love all the teens/ youth and pray for them… sounds like we are on the same wavelength…

I wish there was more “family support” in churches here like they seem to be doing at the Abundant Life church… Lord????

Are You creating an opening for me/ us to serve???

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