Monday, 9 March 2009

Thank You for so many blessings! ... and please plant us where You want us

May 30, 2001

Last night I dreamed and dreamed and dreamed. And I know that a great deal of my dreaming was actually praying. I am finding more and more that I am truly learning to pray – and praise – without ceasing! It is so amazing! I am beginning to see God in almost everything! His Presence is always, everywhere, all around me and in me.

The only thing that really gives me sorrow is that I know so few others who feel this way. God has truly blessed me in such a special ways, by allowing:

- time to pray and spend in His Word, since I don’t have full-time work like so many women, and my kids are now older and more independent! PTL!

- time, on my own, when my husband is away, that I don’t have when he is here, to search out God – thank You, Jesus, for his job!

- the troubles I’ve had with my kids, and my loneliness when my husband is away, etc. – because all these “negative” circumstances have finally forced me to see how totally helpless I am in my own strength, and forced me to give it all to Jesus and learn to trust in Him!

- opportunities to worship with Christians from all kinds of denominational backgrounds, and thereby learn to see and worship Jesus in far broader and deeper ways

- providing wonderful experiences like the birth of our grand-baby – and making email friendships with Christian friends – and wonderful camps and church services and seminars – and living in such a beautiful place – and working with special needs kids – and so on and on… to enable me to see so much more clearly exactly what an awesome Creator God I serve!!! Hallelujah!

- filling me with the Holy Spirit, and enabling me to pray in tongues, so I can pray so much more effectively and draw so much closer to Jesus and worship Him and obey and trust Him so much more effectively

- granting my desire/ request for a better singing voice and the ability to play guitar, in order to worship Him more effectively, and share more effectively and joyfully with others as we worship together

- bringing lots and lots of non-Christian people into my life and giving me such a love for them and such a desire for their salvation and walk with Jesus!

- day by day, moment by moment, leading me, guiding me, holding me, loving me – and providing for all my needs in all areas of my life in such totally amazing, wonderful, miraculous, right-in-time ways! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!!!

Lord, I do wish I could share my prayer and praise more with my husband – but he doesn’t seem ready yet. Help me to always stand back and keep myself out of the way and let You deal with him in Your way and Your time and Your will! Help me just to love him and submit to him. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Lord, here are bulletins from the churches I have attended lately. Lord, please plant me/ us (or move us around, even use us as a bridge or whatever)wherever You want us to be….

I there is something I can learn from the Abundant life (or elsewhere) please let me know.

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