Monday, 9 March 2009

Help me not to judge Your children....

November 12, 2001

Now, Lord, what I was starting to say – but praising You first is best! Thank You again! – is that the whole time we were talking I had to fight (not very successfully much of the time) against judging… churches, other Christians, the cliquishness of this community, both generally and in Christian groups… (I shared my vision of the pastors joining together to pray regularly for Community Transgression – and Pastor ___ said “It will never happen!” - Well, sorry, but I believe in the power of prayer… and fasting – which I must get back to – pronto!!!).

Anyway, this scripture says don’t let anyone judge you… and I’ve always piously read it that way… but suddenly I see clearly that that is something I do to others. On one hand, I have prided (yes! Ouch! Sorry Lord – thank You for showing me the truth – painful as it is…) myself on my tolerance, even enjoyment, of varied worship styles and traditions and even doctrinal emphasis, and my “wonderful” ability to look beyond all that to “focus on Jesus” and the “central, basic tenets of the faith.” .. but in feeding my pride in this way, I have at the same time looked down upon… and thereby judged… those who are not so “open-minded” or who are “caught up in religion instead of in Jesus.” ACK!!!

Oh God, I have been so wrong to harbor these attitudes! Forgive me, please, dear Lord Jesus! They are Your children, and You know their hearts and You know their walk with You… I have no way to judge but by outward appearance… which can surely mean nothing! … while You have total access to their hearts, thoughts, minds, attitudes… after all, it is their walk with You, not mine!! Please, please, Lord, forgive me, and help me to love, pray, encourage, support, help – and leave the judging up to You!!!

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