Tuesday, 10 March 2009

God gave us this new place!

August 13, 2003

We didn't get the townhouse. Someone else had already rented it.

But while I was waiting to talk to the townhouse landlord, I was flipping through the classifieds, and I saw a new ad for a duplex. I phoned the owner. He said they had offered the duplex to someone, but were waiting for them to bring the money over. But if it didn't work out, he would call me. Around noon he called back to ask me to come and view the place - along with some other people who wanted to view it. So we looked at it and really liked it! He gave us an application to fill out while he took the other people through. Then he gave them applications and sent them on their way, but asked us to come to his home. And there he offered us the duplex for rent! We had a good discussion, then filled out the rental agreement and paid him.

The rent is $200 to $400 cheaper than the other places we'd looked at, and though it is still more than we've been paying, I believe we can handle it because God has given us this place - I am sure! And we had enough money for the rent and damage deposit, in the most amazing ways, truly God's provision! We couldn't have afforded any more! But this way we have enough, even though we're "financially strapped!" God does provide! We could not have come up with enough for the other place. And this place is a lot better.

Lord, I want to lead my new landlord to You. What wonderful people! And it is so right! They like us. They want us. They are very careful, serious people, and they right away thought we were the right tenants! Wow! Oh dear God, thank You for answering my prayer and opening the door! I love You!

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