Monday, 9 March 2009

Emphasizing the essentials.... filled with the Spirit

Jan 7 2002

Lord – I’ve been so “worried” about the lack of “youthful” music and preaching etc at the Pentecostal (and elsewhere). What You showed me last night is that (as pastor ___ pointed out last week in his comments on “seeker-sensitive services”) what is important is the outpouring of Your Spirit upon our churches and people – being centered on You – if we truly are centered on and growing in and worshiping only You, then those other things will resolve themselves (if they really are important, after all) by the inflowing of Your will, Your Spirit, as we are obedient and submitted totally and worshiping only You! Amen! Hallelujah!

Emphasize the essentials! Amen! Know God! Love Jesus! Be filled with the Spirit!!!!

January 12, 2001

What about possible involvement at the Pentecostal church? ___ said something about playing at a funeral on Monday? Lord, do You want me to become “Pentecostal” as in the “after-service” things the pastor leads? Am I fearing being “weird”? Is it a “holding-back” from all You want for me?

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