Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Disappointed with God... and then knowing Him more and more

July 17, 2003

One thing I want to mention after reading Yancey – I know what it is to be disappointed with God – in the moments of trouble – but the amazing thing is that after those moments (some very long) connected to my circumstances, I find myself knowing God more clearly and dearly! (intimately) and becoming more and more certain every day that He is in control (and that somehow, despite all my questionings and tears and frustration, He is fulfilling His purpose for me, that is , to bring glory to Him! Wow, that’s amazing! Look at how much He loves me! Thank You, Lord God – Father, Son, Spirit! Amazing grace!

Oh! And I am blessed all to pieces to see my daughter growing in the Lord! And by my meeting with ___! And for friends like D&D, and D&J, and G&J, and A and dear D, and all! And my parents! God bless them all!

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