Thursday, 12 March 2009

Your care for my son

May 13, 2007

My son got out the Mother’s Day gift hubby had left for me, and watched me open it. He was very impressed with the wooden box and the quality of the art supplies in it!

When he apologized for not getting me anything, I suggested he could come for church… and he said, “I’m sorry mom. I just can’t. Somehow church just isn’t what it used to be.” He has told me before that he was really disappointed by the way people in the church acted when the pastor left. The criticisms, people dropping out, etc.

I gently said to him, “But don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.” And he said, “I know, mom.” I added just one sentence, “Don’t lose your relationship with Jesus.”

Like his sisters, I know he believes.

And I just keep hanging on to Your prophecy made through that Pastor at my son's dedication: “This baby will grow up to become a mighty preacher like his namesake, Peter, in the Bible.” And I know You saved his life when he got blood poisoning from the spider bite at 6 weeks old.

And You have continued to protect him from the ways of the world. And You have given him such a loving and gentle and sensitive and kind spirit. Oh dear Lord – thank You! - and please continue to work out Your purposes in his life! thank You, Lord!

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