Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Word from Father: Trust Me! Joy in Me! Your journey is in My control!

May 25, 2006

I've had so many "ideas," Lord, of where You might be leading me - and mostly things have just turned out totally differently than I expected! Thank You for the adventure. Thank You that Your ways are always best. Thank You that though there are so many things I don't "understand," that I can "rejoice and be exceeding glad" in all things because You are God Almighty, the great God of love and justice and perfect salvation - the Almighty God, all knowing, all caring, my Father and Savior and Eternal Guide and Lover of my soul, in whom I can - do - have perfect confidence that You have all things in perfect control and that You are working all things out for good to those who love You and are called according to Your purpose! Thank You also for Your great mercy and patience toward those who are still lost and walking (trying to walk) independent of You. Bring them to Yourself, dear Lord Jesus, for it is not the will of God that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. Oh, thank You, Lord! Amen.

… My child, I am with you, and am leading you in the path and way which I have designed for you, yourself, My precious child.

You are mine and all I have is available to you as you trust in Me and step out to walk in the path that I have designed for you.

Each child of mine has a uniquely designed journey to follow, but all their paths bring them straight to me, their Creator, Father, Savior, Lord and God.

Do not be puzzled by the events that seem unexpected or strange to you. Remember I am a God of great creativity and great love and adventure! I have the entire universe in My hands, at My disposal, to use to fulfill My purposes, to draw My children to Me, to bring You into My bosom for eternity!

Trust Me! Joy in Me!

Everything that exists, everything that happens is ultimately Mine, for it all comes from Me and all, every bit of it, every moment, every event, is under My control and in My purposes and plan. You may wonder about things - dreams, visions - that I seem to have planted in Your heart and soul and mind, and that then seem to just disappear and be forgotten. Fear not - nothing that is good and right and in My Purposes and Plans is ever lost or wasted or gone astray. Remember, all things work together for good! All things are part of the building blocks that I am using to build My purposes, to build My kingdom, to build the final, eternal Zion, the new Jerusalem, in which I will reign over My people, My great family, My children redeemed by the blood of Jesus, My Son, forever and ever!

I am working out every stop of your life for My purposes and plans. And Yes, the lives of your children and husband and your childrens families too - including their husbands and children - yes, your little grandson too!

I love you, child.

Just trust in Me. Rest in Me. Keep praying for your family.

I answer prayer!!!

… Oh, yes. Thank You, Lord... sorry about not trusting You there... Amen. Thank You, Lord!

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